Labor Doula Services

Supporting you during Pregnancy and Birth

I believe birth is a normal and beautiful process and women should feel confident and strong in ANY way she chooses to birth. Birth is not a one size fits all experience. I believe expecting mothers and their babies have the right to evidence based care and the right to informed consent. I don’t think fear and birth have to go together. The ability to birth is an innate ability and  I believe that through education and a strong support team, a woman can have the tools she needs for a positive and empowering birth experience. As a doula I provide emotional, informational, and physical support to a woman and her partner. I do not push my own agenda or my own beliefs onto you.  I’m here to help you no matter how you choose to birth. 

Labor Doula Services include:

  • Complimentary consultation
  • 2 Prenatal visits (1-2 hours each)
  • 1 Postpartum visit (2 hours)
  • Copy of Preparing for Birth and lending library of resource books for pregnancy and birth
  • Continuous support during labor and birth (massage, rebozo, relaxation techniques, positioning suggestions, and constant emotional support)
  • 24/7 on-call starting at 37 weeks
  • Photos during labor and birth if time and situation permits

The fee for labor doula services is: $700

"Brittany always answers my calls and texts right away and has made herself available to answer my questions and even motivate me when I'm feeling down. Brittany is the perfect balance of nurturing, supportive, informative and fun!"