Childbirth Education

Preparing you for birth and Parenting a Newborn

Preparing for Birth courses are for anyone that wants to birth in any way. This comprehensive child birth course is non-biased, evidence based, fun, and inclusive. You will leave this course feeling confident, excited, and prepared for the way you choose to birth.

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Topics include...
• Recognizing labor
• What to expect in each stage of labor
• Simple exercises to prepare for birth
• Comfort measures & relaxation techniques
• Positions for labor & birth
• Writing an effective birth plan
• Options & interventions
• Tips for a happy postpartum

Students receive...
• Prepared breastfeeding video course
• Course journal
• Guided meditation audios
• Ability to make up classes through class podcast

Preparing for Birth : The Weekend Course $250

Preparing for Birth: 6 weeks course $325

Private Class: $50/hr

Home Birth Class: $150

Do you have question about the classes or which one might be the best fit for your needs? I'd love to answer your questions!